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New Ad: What If Politicians In Washington Were Struggling to Breathe Like Children with Asthma?

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April 3, 2012  

WASHINGTON, D.C. – If politicians in Washington were struggling to breathe like severely asthmatic children, then maybe many in Congress wouldn't be trying to gut clean air standards.  On Tuesday, April 3, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Mom’s Clean Air Force will launch a seven-figure TV ad buy highlighting that theme and aimed at raising public awareness of and support for EPA’s new safeguards against industrial carbon pollution from new power plants.

The ad reflects the growing body of scientific evidence that warming temperatures caused by industrial carbon pollution worsen smog pollution, which in turn causes asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses.  The Environmental Protection Agency last week proposed first-ever safeguards against industrial carbon pollution from new power plants.  

“This first-ever national industrial carbon pollution standard for power plants is essential to protect public health and reduce the effects of unchecked global warming including increasing smog and triggering asthma attacks and other health consequences,” said LCV President Gene Karpinski.  “The EPA is simply following the Clean Air Act – passed by Congress with bipartisan support – and two Supreme Court decisions by issuing the first national standard on dangerous carbon pollution that spews from the smokestacks of electric power plants every day.”

“Parents know that air pollution is harmful to the health of everyone--from babies to grandparents. Whether aimed at toxic mercury or dangerous carbon pollution, job-creating regulations that clean up power plants are good for the health of our families,” said Dominique Browning, Senior Director, Moms Clean Air Force.

Doctors, nurses, scientists and other experts say that industrial carbon pollution is dangerous for children because it makes smog pollution worse, which triggers asthma attacks and permanently damages and reduces the function of children’s lungs. Leading public health groups like the American Lung Association and the American Public Health Association support strict limits on industrial carbon pollution and have linked this dangerous air pollution to asthma attacks, heart attacks and even premature deaths.

The ad campaign, sponsored by LCV, Mom’s Clean Air Force and Environmental Defense Fund will appear in 12 major media markets in three states: Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and in Washington, DC.  LCV ads will appear in Norfolk, VA; Richmond, VA; Roanoke, VA; and Washington, DC.  EDF ads will appear in Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Toledo, OH; Harrisburg, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Wilkes Barre, PA. See the ads here: and here:


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