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No Wonder Romney’s Energy Plan Favors Big Oil – They Wrote It

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August 24, 2012  

Proof Romney-Ryan energy plan is Big Oil’s wish list 

“Your input is something I wanted to retain before we actually cross the Ts and dot the Is on those policies.” – Romney talking to oil executives in Texas about his energy plan, just days before it was unveiled. The New York Times noted today that Romney constructed energy plan “in consultation” with Big Oil executives, while National Journal noted that “much of it reads like an oil-industry wish list.”

On Rolling Back Federal Role in Drilling: 

“Ensure that the environmental regulation of natural gas development in shale natural gas and oil plays is not duplicative or unduly burdensome—and that state-level regulation is relied upon for its flexibility to deal with unique local issues.” –American Petroleum Institute

“States have crafted highly efficient and effective permitting and regulatory programs that address state-specific needs. … [S]tates are far better able to develop, adopt, and enforce regulations based on their unique resources, geology, and local concerns.” –Romney-Ryan Energy Plan

On Weakening Regulations: 

“Ensure common sense regulations … [and] improve and accelerate the leasing and permitting process.” –American Petroleum Institute

“Restore transparency and fairness to permitting and regulation.” –Romney-Ryan Energy Plan 

On Expanding Oil Drilling: 

“Open federal areas that are currently off-limits to exploration and development, including: Eastern Gulf of Mexico; Alaska offshore; Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf; Pacific Outer Continental Shelf...” –American Petroleum Institute

“Since day one, the Obama Administration has worked systematically to shut down the development of [the Outer Continental Shelf]. The Administration has cancelled more leases than it has held and slowed the rate of permitting by over 60 percent. As a result, offshore oil production declined 14% last year and production in the Gulf of Mexico this year will be 25 percent below what had been expected before the Obama policies took effect.” –Romney-Ryan Energy Plan 

On Getting Canada’s Dirty Energy: 

“The United States and Canada enjoy the largest trading partnership across the longest peaceful border in the world. Getting more U.S. energy from a friendly, democratic North American neighbor would reduce U.S. reliance on energy resources from less stable regions.” –American Petroleum Institute

“As Canadian Prime Minister Harper notes, fostering a greater North American energy partnership that replaces OPEC imports with stable supply from secure sources at discounted prices should be a ‘no brainer.’ … By collaborating with these countries on energy development, America can guarantee itself a reliable and affordable supply of energy.” –Romney-Ryan Energy Plan

On Generating Revenues: 

“[T]he oil and natural gas industry is an enormous source of revenue for the U.S. government. … Policies that support greater energy development could generate $800 billion in government revenue by 2030 through lease sales, royalties, production fees and taxes.”  –Exxon Mobil

“The lease payments, royalties, and taxes paid to the American people in return for the development of the nation’s resources can yield literally trillions of dollars in new government revenue.”   –Romney-Ryan Energy Plan

On “Picking Winners”: 

“[A]ttempts to misrepresent the [oil] industry’s tax contributions are nothing more than an attempt to pick winners and losers in the marketplace.”   –Exxon Mobil

“Focus government investment on research across the full spectrum of energy-related technologies, not on picking winners in the market.”  –Romney-Ryan Energy Plan


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