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Exxon Delegation to Weigh In on Gas Prices

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or June 27, 2008  

WASHINGTON, DC  – Today, Senators from the Exxon Delegation are expected to introduce an energy bill written for the benefit of oil companies everywhere; a bill that has no hope of reducing energy costs for working families. Instead of promoting energy efficiency and the clean, renewable energy sources that will create jobs, save consumers money and curb pollution, they have returned to the failed policies of the past which will deepen our dependence on oil, increase the threat of global warming, and have no effect on high gas prices.

“Voters  will be angry that the best laid plans of six sitting American Senators can do  so much harm while utterly failing to address our problems.” LCV President  Gene Karpinski said.  “Scoring a few cheap political points while their  friends in Big Oil continue to pillage the American economy is criminal.   The cynicism on display in their calculated call for more drilling,  which even John McCain admits will have no real benefit to consumers, will be  recognized by voters in November.”

Senator McConnell has accepted  $580,311 from oil and gas interests.  
Senator Allard: $405,156;  
Senator Burr: $340,902
Senator Gregg: $87,405
Senator Ensign:  $399,374
Senator Domenici: $760,997
Senator Inhofe has accepted  $999,023;
and Senator Cornyn has accepted $1,197,305.  (


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