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Fox News Channel Misses Opportunity

Contact: David Sandretti, (202) 785-8683 or January 11, 2008  

Myrtle Beach, SC — John McCain, the winner of this week’s New Hampshire Primary reiterated his support for action on global warming, no thanks to the Fox News moderators who failed once again to ask any of the candidates a single question about this critical issue.  When asked about a possible recession, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee decried the “enslavement” of foreign oil dependence and he was followed by McCain who said that climate change is real and we need to address it.

Chris Wallace, one of the debate moderators and host of the Fox News Sunday morning political talk show, failed to improve on his paltry 2 for 500-plus record.  Of the 28 presidential debates and interview opportunities in which Wallace has participated, he has asked only two questions about global warming out of the over 500 questions he has posed.

Let's review the reasons why this debate in South Carolina would have been an excellent venue to ask these candidates about global warming:

  • There are major differences between these candidates.  The winners of Iowa and New Hampshire (Huckabee and McCain) support a cap-and trade system for greenhouse gas reduction
  • The Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford, a Republican, wants to move forward with a global warming plan for the state.
  • Two thirds of the state's lawmakers -- as many Republicans as Democrats -- signed a letter to the candidates urging them to address global warming
  • 108 of South Carolina's mayors signed a separate letter urging the candidates to address global warming

    The people of South Carolina want to know where the candidates stand on global warming and America’s energy future.  Fox News failed to ask them those questions — again.



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