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In First 100 Days, President Obama Set Historic Pace on Energy and the Environment

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or April 28, 2009  

As the first hundred days of his administration come to a close, the League of Conservation Voters hopes that future administrations will emulate President Obama, who has done more to create a clean energy economy and protect our planet than any of his predecessors accomplished in the same period. 

“History will judge President Obama against giants like Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy, leaders who gave us the inspiration and energy to meet seemingly insurmountable challenges,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said.  “If the rest of his Presidency lives up to the promise of its beginning, we believe that he will stand up proudly to those comparisons.  In short, his first 100 days have been the most environmentally important of any in history.” 
Among the greatest accomplishments of his first 100 days, President Obama named a Green Dream Team of Cabinet Secretaries and advisors.  His administration is tearing down roadblocks to more efficient cars by reconsidering a waiver to allow California to set its own emissions standards.  His Environmental Protection Agency began the process of regulating global warming with a long-overdue endangerment finding on carbon pollution.  Most importantly, the President worked with the House and Senate to pass an economic recovery package and a budget that will transform the way we use energy, while calling on Congress to pass a comprehensive bill to limit global warming pollution.

“President Obama set out to meet the twin threats of a crumbling economy and global warming with the same courage and skill that helped his predecessors overcome the great challenges of the past.  His plan for economic recovery through clean energy is as audacious as putting a man on the moon and rivals the potential of the New Deal or the Great Society.  If President Obama leads us to the cleaner, safer, more prosperous future he describes, future Presidents may be measured against him.”

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