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In Laying Out His Vision for the Future, Senator McCain Forgets the Past

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WASHINGTON, DC - In his address to the Republican National Convention, John McCain condemned the $13 billion in tax cuts to oil companies that have been at the center of this year’s energy debate.  He also claimed to be in favor of renewable energy and ending America’s addiction to foreign oil.  His record speaks differently.

On December 13, 2007, the Senate voted to get rid of that corporate welfare to the oil industry.  The measure failed by one vote, John McCain’s.   He skipped that vote, and questioned about it afterwards, a McCain spokesman said he would have voted against it. 

“John McCain may decry those oil subsidies now that it’s politically convenient, but when given the chance to act, he put his campaign ahead of his country,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said.
One of the fastest ways to reduce the use of foreign oil is to increase fuel efficiency standards in America’s automobiles.  Senator McCain voted against fuel efficiency increases in 2003 and 2005.  He missed the vote in 2007. 

Senator McCain also claimed to be in favor of increased use of wind and solar energy, but voted against a renewable electricity standard in 2005 and missed a key renewable energy vote in 2007. 

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