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John McCain Finally Remembers Global Warming

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or October 31, 2008  

WASHINGTON - Today, the campaign of Senator John McCain released an ad centered on McCain's 2005 global warming bill, the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act.   Like Senator Obama in the ad, the League of Conservation Voters has praised Senator McCain for his leadership on that vital issue in the past.  Like Senator Obama, LCV knows that Candidate McCain’s degeneration on energy policy has been one of the greatest disappointments of the 2008 Presidential campaign.

“The fact is, since Senator Obama praised the McCain-Lieberman bill, John McCain has repeatedly voted against clean energy investments, failed to vote to repeal tax breaks for big oil, led the ‘drill, baby, drill’ chorus of continued addition to greenhouse gas polluting fuels, taken millions of dollars from Big Oil and put a global warming skeptic on his ticket,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said.   “To set all that aside at the eleventh hour and hype his stance on global warming as his closing campaign issue reeks of desperation and hypocrisy.  It's not generally a good sign when, four days before an election, a candidate's best strategy is to put his opponent's face on TV, looking magnanimous and bipartisan."

“Bottom line: Barack Obama has the most comprehensive plan to address America’s energy future and combat global warming of any presidential candidate in history.  Voters who care about this issue have a clear choice: Barack Obama for President,”  Karpinski concluded.

Watch our video on John McCain’s REAL record: 

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