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LCV Endorses U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo

Contact: David Sandretti, (202) 785-8683 or February 26, 2008  

 WASHINGTON, D.C. - The League of Conservation Voters, which works to turn environmental values into public policy, announced today that it is endorsing U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, a Republican running for re-election for New Jersey's 2nd District seat.
"Representative LoBiondo believes, as LCV does, that we must develop a long-term energy policy that meets the needs of New Jersey and the nation while protecting our planet from the devastating effects of global warming," said LCV President Gene Karpinski. "He earned an impressive 90 percent score in our annual National Environmental Scorecard and our wholehearted support for re-election."
LoBiondo has a lifetime LCV score of 74 percent and is one of the most consistently pro-conservation Republicans in the U.S. House. Last year, he co-sponsored four key environmental bills:

  • The Udall-Platts bill (H.R. 969), requiring that 20  percent of our energy come from clean, renewable sources by 2020;   
  • The Fuel Economy Reform Act (H.R. 1506), increasing  fuel economy to 35 miles per gallon by 2018;  
  • The Safe Climate Act (H.R. 1590), to reduce global  warming pollution by 15-20 percent by 2020 and by 80 percent by 2050; and   
  • The Clean Water Restoration Act (H.R. 2421), to ensure  that all of our nation's waters remain protected.

LoBiondo, whom LCV previously endorsed in 2006, also is a strong advocate of protecting New Jersey's coastline and preserving the natural and historical heritage of his home state. He introduced legislation to permanently ban oil and gas drilling off the New Jersey coast, saying it would "unnecessarily threaten New Jersey's environmental health and economic wellbeing." In addition, Rep. LoBiondo has secured federal funding to enhance the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge and supported the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail.


LCV, the nation's independent voice for the environment, engages in public education, lobbying and accountability to turn environmental values into public policy.  LCV has made global warming and America's energy future a central focus of its activities in Congress and in the 2008 election cycle.

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