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LCV Responds to Lifting of Executive Offshore Drilling Ban

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or July 14, 2008  

WASHINGTON, DC - The League of Conservation Voters, which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, today responded to President Bush’s decision to lift the executive ban on offshore oil drilling.

“Echoing the campaign rhetoric of Senator John McCain, President Bush has once again ignored the wise precedent set by his father  and taken reckless action that has neither hope of reducing gas prices nor concern for long-term consequences,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said.  “Bush’s own energy department tells us that offshore drilling will have no effect on gas prices, but Bush and McCain have always made Big Oil’s profits their primary concern.   With several short-term options to reduce gas prices, including opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and reigning in speculators, it makes no sense for Bush and McCain to embrace an option that won’t work and will threaten the physical and economic well-being of millions of Americans. 

Ultimately, the solution to gas prices must be to give consumers real energy choices by investing in efficiency and renewable energy sources, but Bush and McCain can’t see the future through the oil covered windshield of the Straight Talk Express.”


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