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LCV Statement on Global Warming Discussion in Des Moines Register Debate

Contact: David Sandretti, (202) 785-8683 or December 12, 2007  

WASHINGTON, DC  - League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski issued this statement regarding the global warming discussion during the Des Moines Register debate.

First, the debate organizers deserve credit for raising the issue of global warming in today’s debate.  What was stunning is the disdain some of the candidates showed the moderator when she asked about the scientific basis of global warming and whether they believed that human activity was a the cause of climate change.

Former Senator Thompson refused to answer the question – again. In spite conclusive evidence from the scientific community, Thompson is clinging to the notion that the jury is still out.   The only thing 'out' is Thompson's antiquated position.

Equally disturbing was former Governor Romney’s response. After citing how good it would be for the U.S. to act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he gave the impression that America has to wait for the rest of the world to act.  But America has always led the world and the American people want America to lead the world again with a solution to global warming.  And the
reality is, much of the world is way ahead of the U.S. on this issue.

Congratulations to the Des Moines Register for listening to their readers – the voters of Iowa – and posing this important question.”

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