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League of Conservation Voters endorses Betsy Markey for Congress

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or September 26, 2008  

WASHINGTON D.C. -The League of Conservation Voters, which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, endorses Betsey Markey in Colorado's 4th congressional district against republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave.
"Betsy Markey has spent her career fighting for new energy solutions and working for local agriculture," said LCV President Gene Karpinksi.  "Her passion for conservation and commitment to halt global warming is commendable. She will be a strong voice for the health and safety of the people of Colorado."
"Coloradoans want Congress to take action on high gas prices, on improving the economy and creating jobs," Markey said.  "Real investment in clean energy sources and fuel efficiency will help reduce fuel costs and will create jobs here in Fort Collins.  I am honored by LCV's endorsement."
Markey believes that we must prioritize and support alternative energy development in order to strengthen our economy, create jobs, create energy independence and protect our planet.  While working with Senator Ken Salazar, Markey worked tirelessly in support of alternative energy solutions, as well as for clean air and water protections.  She believes that Colorado is poised to lead the effort for a clean energy future by developing the state's wind, solar and agricultural energy sources. 
Markey is running against Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave, who has a dismal 5% LCV lifetime score.*  Musgrave, who has voted with President Bush nearly 90% of the time, has consistently voted against renewable energy and against increased fuel-efficiency for cars, which would reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, save consumers money, and reduce global warming pollution. Musgrave has taken over $160,000 from oil and gas companies, and then voted to give them billions in tax breaks.
"We cannot afford to have politicians who are slaves to Big Oil, and Marilyn Musgrave has proven over and over again that she cannot and will not stand up for consumers," said Karpinksi.  "It is time that Congress stopped working for big oil and started working for the American people. Betsy Markey has the strength and the steadfast determination to help turn this country around."

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