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League of Conservation Voters Endorses Frank Kratovil for Congress

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or August 14, 2008  

BERLIN, MD – Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, announced the endorsement of Frank Kratovil for Congress in the election for Maryland's 1st Congressional District. LCV Communications Director David Sandretti joined Kratovil to announce the endorsement during a tour of the Maryland Biodiesel plant in Berlin.

"America is in need of leaders who will provide a strong voice for a clean and renewable energy future," Sandretti said.  "Clean energy has the potential to break our addiction to foreign oil, protect our environment, and create millions of jobs.  Frank Kratovil will bring a new energy to Washington and new prosperity to Maryland."

Kratovil proposes a comprehensive solution to the energy crisis, including initiatives to increase fuel efficiency, expand offshore drilling in previously leased lands, and to promote new, clean energy sources that will end America's addiction to oil and create jobs.  He supports ending the loopholes that allow for unchecked speculation in the energy futures market and artificially increased oil prices.  Kratovil plans to protect the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland's natural resources.

"Partisanship and politics aren't going to solve our energy crisis," Kratovil said.  "We need a common sense approach that balances more domestic production with a greater focus on energy alternatives. Leadership on this issue will create more economic opportunities for Maryland's farmers and small businesses, like the biodiesel facility that we're at today."

Kratovil's opponent, state Senator Andy Harris, unveiled a television ad last week touting his support for alternative energy, despite having consistently voted against clean energy initiatives during his career in Annapolis.  Harris has earned a pathetic 9% lifetime score from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, ranking him 44th of 47 state Senators.  Harris voted against solar energy, against wind energy, against the Healthy Air Act, and against energy efficiency. Harris, an ExxonMobil stockholder, has received over $30,000 in campaign cash from Big Oil in this election cycle, and his proposed solutions to the energy crisis would create billions in profits for the oil industry.

"Harris's proposals for dealing with the energy crisis are recycled from the failed policies of the Bush Administration which have led us to the crisis we're in today," Sandretti said.  "Harris may talk about renewable energy, but his voting record proves that he's more interested in the profits of his friends in the oil industry than in helping Maryland families."

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