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League of Conservation Voters Endorses Kay Hagan for U.S. Senate

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or August 6, 2008  

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the League of Conservation Voters, which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, endorsed State Senator Kay Hagan for the United States Senate. Hagan, a proven leader in clean, renewable energy and dedicated supporter of conservation efforts will be a great champion for the people of North Carolina and the future security and prosperity of the United States.  LCV Senior Vice President Tony Massaro joined State Senator Hagan today at a tour of the North Carolina Wind Energy Site at Beech Mountain to announce the endorsement.
“Kay Hagan understands the tremendous potential of clean energy facilities like this one,” Massaro said.  “It is time for strong leaders like Kay Hagan to set a new course for American energy that will create jobs, protect our health and safety, and save us money at the pump.”
As a State Senator, Hagan proved her commitment to a new energy future, earning an average score of 85% from the Conservation Council of North Carolina from 2003 to 2007. She was a strong supporter of legislation to increase the use of solar energy and to require North Carolina utilities to produce 12.5% of their electricity through renewable sources by 2021. 
State Senator Hagan’s plan for America’s energy future will create as many as 300,000 new jobs in North Carolina, while increasing demand from the state’s agricultural sector for new biofuels.  It calls for significant reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.  As a U.S. Senator, she will fight for increased fuel efficiency and will put an end to federal handouts to the big oil companies that are bleeding North Carolina dry.
By contrast, Senator Elizabeth Dole has earned a pathetic 4% score from the League of Conservation Voters during her time in Washington.  She has routinely voted against energy efficiency and against clean energy technology.  Having accepted more than $266,000  from oil and gas interests, in 2007 she cast a deciding vote in favor of $12 billion in government handouts to Exxon and the rest of the oil industry.  Throughout her tenure, she has ardently opposed clean water, clean air, and the most basic environmental protections. 

“Elizabeth Dole embraces the failed energy policies of George Bush and Exxon that are responsible for today’s gas prices,” Massaro continued.  “She clearly cares more about her friends in the oil industry than she does about the families that are struggling to fill up their gas tanks. She cares more for her campaign contributors than about the health and safety of North Carolina’s families.”
Kay Hagan offers a new path for North Carolina.
“I believe we need a new energy policy that will invest in renewable energies to create good jobs here at home while also reducing our dependence on foreign oil,” Hagan said in her response to an LCV questionnaire. “I will prioritize investments in conservation, clean air and clean water now because that will pay dividends later by keeping North Carolina an attractive place for residents and small businesses.” 

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