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McCain All Wet On Western Water Compact

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or August 18, 2008  

DENVER, CO — League of Conservation Voters Senior Vice President and Colorado native Tony Massaro issued the following statement in reaction to Senator John McCain’s suggestion that the Western Water Compact be renegotiated to give additional water rights to Arizona and California.  Link to article:
“John McCain’s outrageous position that the Western Water Compact should be renegotiated will set off a wave criticism that will come crashing down on his hopes to carry Colorado and New Mexico.  It’s one thing for a Senator from Arizona, or even California, to try to rustle water from the states of the upper basin, but for a candidate for President, it is stunningly tone deaf.
“His position threatens to start a new water war at a time when the seven states of the compact have recently agreed to and are implementing an allocation agreement in peace and harmony.  The people of Colorado and New Mexico have every reason to be outraged.” 

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