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Mitch is Rich with Big Oil Spoils

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or October 24, 2008  

WASHINGTON, DC - Mitch McConnell has taken $713,961 in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industries over the course of his career in politics and nearly $300,000 over the course of this campaign.   The contributions are tracked by campaign finance watchdogs at Center for Responsive Politics. []
"Mitch McConnell is the single biggest obstacle in passing clean energy and conservation legislation," said LCV President Gene Karpinski.  "The citizens of Kentucky need a leader who will stand up for them-not just the interests of Big Oil." 
In the Senate, McConnell has earned an abysmal 7% lifetime LCV score which is among the worst in Congress.  In 24 years in the Senate, he earned an annual score of 0% twelve times, and in the last fourteen years, McConnell has cast only two pro-conservation votes.  Since becoming his party's Leader in the Senate, McConnell has served as the chief enforcer for Big Oil and other corporate polluters, leading efforts to derail and weaken legislation that would protect our families and keep America's land, air, and water clean.  "Senator McConnell has led a minority of Senators who have blocked clean, renewable energy, stifled its benefits to our economy,  our national security, and a sustainable future for America," said Karpinksi.  "Big Oil has given him 713,961 reasons to stand in the way."
Earlier this year, LCV members overwhelmingly voted online to make McConnell a member of the LCV’s notorious Dirty Dozen*. 

“The people spoke and we listened," said Karpinksi.  "They know that Mitch McConnell has voted against our health and safety since he was elected.  The time has come to shut the door on McConnell and the failed policies of Bush, Cheney and their friends in Big Oil."

*LCV's trademark Dirty Dozen program targets congressional candidates and members - regardless of party affiliation - who consistently vote against the environment and are running in races where LCV has a serious chance of affecting the outcome.    In 2006, LCV helped defeat nine members of the Dirty Dozen.  For more information, visit  

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