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With Today's House Debate on MTBE, LCV Re-Releases Report Naming Ten Members to Tom DeLay's "Tainted Team"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chuck Porcari, (202) 785-8683; Mark Sokolove, (202) 785-8683 July 13, 2005  

WASHINGTON- The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today re-released "Tom's Tainted Team," an analysis of 10 House Republican members who side with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and MTBE Special Interests over the interests of their own constituents, and called on all of these members to come clean and vote for Rep. Lois Capps' (CA) motion to instruct Energy Bill conferees instead of bailing out the makers of MTBE.


As the House of Representatives debates and votes on a motion to instruct conferees for the House Energy bill (H.R. 6) to strike the MTBE liability provision, this attached report outlines those members who have continually supported this special interest provision to protect makers and refiners of the dangerous chemical MTBE from product liability.  MTBE, which the Bush Administration's own EPA admits may be'likely' human carcinogen, has contaminated groundwater systems in at least 29 states, threatening the drinking water of millions of Americans.  The MTBE polluter bailout provision will force states and local taxpayers, not those who knowingly produced and sold a defective and dangerous product, to pay billions to clean up the MTBE contamination.


The criteria for joining "Tom's Tainted Team" are:


·         Voted twice for the House Energy bill that includes the MTBE polluter bailout provision;


·         Taken campaign cash from the oil and gas industry which has lobbied hard for passage of the Energy bill (including in many cases contributions from either Valero Energy, a big manufacturer of MTBE which is based in Texas, and/or Lyondell Chemical, one of the largest manufacturers, based in Rep DeLay's district);


·         Received at least $10,000 in contributions from Rep. DeLay's PAC, Americans for a Republican Majority (partially funded by MTBE interests), if not more from his personal campaign account;


·         Have MTBE contamination in their districts and in some cases, pending lawsuits against oil, gas and MTBE producers filed in their states that would be nullified if the MTBE provision were enacted into law;


·         And all of these 10 members also turned a blind eye to Rep. DeLay's ethics issues by voting earlier this year to change House ethics rules to help shield him from investigations. 


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