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LCV Statement on President Bush's Signing of the Energy Bill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chuck Porcari, (202) 785-8683; Mark Sokolove, (202) 785-8683 August 8, 2005  

 WASHINGTON - League of Conservation Voters (LCV) President Deb Callahan today released the following statement after President Bush signed the energy bill in New Mexico.


"The American people deserve a clean, secure, forward-looking energy future.  Unfortunately, the energy bill that the President signed today is a collection of special interest giveaways, harmful environmental rollbacks, and flawed policies of the past.  This bill fails to reduce our nation's dependence on oil, provide relief to consumers, or strengthen our national security.  


"Among other egregious provisions, the energy bill contains $1.5 billion for a private energy consortium based in Sugar Land, Texas - the hometown of the ethically challenged House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.  In addition, the bill rewards already profitable energy companies, like Exxon Mobil, which recently reported double-digit increases in profits for the second quarter of the year.  The legislation also includes an invasive inventory of offshore oil and gas, which could pave the way for drilling off our coasts.


"Despite the numerous harmful provisions included in the legislation, we are pleased that the MTBE liability waiver was removed from the final bill, preventing the MTBE industry from being let off the hook for polluting drinking water supplies across the country.


"Congress should move quickly to address many missed opportunities, such as taking meaningful steps to expand renewable and alternative energy sources and countering the threat of global warming.  Fortunately, the states are leading the way; twenty states, including New Mexico where President Bush signed the energy bill today, have already adopted renewable energy standards.  The fight for clean energy is not over."


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