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LCV Statement Responding to House Majority Leadership Press Conference on Energy Prices

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chuck Porcari, (202) 785-8683; Mark Sokolove, (202) 785-8683 October 25, 2005  

WASHINGTON - League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Legislative Director Tiernan Sittenfeld released the following statement today in response to the House Majority Leadership's press conference on energy prices.

"After passing two backward-looking energy bills that fail to address rising energy prices in America, it's appalling that the House Majority Leadership is standing up today claiming to address this growing problem. They've reached a new height of hypocrisy and hubris. 

Clearly oil companies are benefiting from record profits, and they are all too happy to share the wealth with Speaker Hastert (IL) and the five other members of Congress who were expected to appear at today's press conference: Reps. Pryce (OH), Dreier (CA), Cantor (VA), Reynolds (NY) and Barton (TX). In just the past nine months, these six House members collectively received nearly $120,000 in PAC contributions from oil and gas interests.  Among the top contributors to these members is Exxon Mobil, which is expected to report a record $8.9 billion in profits for the third of quarter of this year - a 56 percent increase from 2004. (Center for Responsive Politics, Campaign Finance Data, 2005; Associated Press, 10/24/05).

Instead of showering oil companies with billions in tax breaks and subsidies and pursuing failed policies of the past, we need national leadership to solve our energy problems.  Congress should make meaningful investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation.  Additionally, with winter approaching, we need to help low-income families weatherize and heat their homes.

Our elected officials will be held accountable for their actions - or lack thereof - in moving America toward a clean, affordable energy future." 

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