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League of Conservation Voters Demands that Rep. Pombo Return Tainted Oil Money

Contact: Kristin Lee or Chuck Porcari, (202) 785-8683 or September 7, 2006  

"We just hope Rep. Pombo doesn’t get a sunburned palm from having it open so often. Here’s another 17,000-plus example of how he has abandoned the 11th District in California and become a puppet of Big Oil. As working families back home struggle with record high energy prices, Rep. Pombo sits in Washington allowing himself to be showered with more special interest cash than virtually every other member of Congress.


Rep. Pombo rejects common-sense solutions like making cars go further on a gallon of gas, while supporting new drilling projects on public lands that benefit oil and gas companies already making record profits. He is perpetuating America's dangerous dependence on oil and disregarding the views of 80% of the public in his own state who believe that global warming is a serious threat to our economy. Every day, Rep. Pombo keeps his eyes firmly in the rearview mirror instead of working for a cleaner, safer, and more affordable energy future.


Rep. Pombo should return every dime – and there are a lot of them – he has received from VECO Corp.  VECO Corp. is under federal investigation concerning allegations about influence peddling in the Alaskan state legislature.  It’s time for Rep. Pombo to spend more time representing the people he was elected to serve."


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