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American Innovation Can Address Global Warming If the President Takes Prompt Action

Contact: Kristin Lee, (202) 785-8683 or January 19, 2007  

WASHINGTON, DC – League of Conservation Voters (LCV) President Gene Karpinski issued this statement following the unified environmental community’s release of its platform of real solutions to address our energy challenges and global warming:     

“In the last election, Americans voted overwhelmingly for change.  Part of the change they want to see is a new direction for our country’s energy policy that will reduce our dependence on oil and help us move toward a clean energy future. 


According to a post-election survey by the polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, key voter groups took their frustrations with the last Congress’ failure to address America’s energy problems with them to the voting booth on Election Day.  For example, 48 percent of swing voters who voted Democratic cited the failure of Republican leadership to do anything about oil companies profits and gas prices as their top concern. 


Today, the environmental community laid out a common sense energy agenda with achievable and affordable solutions that will help build a clean energy economy while cutting global warming pollution.


Last night, the House of Representatives passed a bill that is a significant first step towards investing in clean renewable energy.  And in further recognition of the need to take bold measures to address climate change, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is proposing the creation of a Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.


Now all eyes turn to the President: He’s given us head-turning rhetoric in the past, but so far he’s given us head-in-the-sand solutions.  Will he take real action on clean energy and global warming—or will another year go by with more empty promises and paltry measures?


The President has repeatedly talked about our need for energy independence.  In last year’s State of the Union, the President declared America was addicted and that our country needed “to get off oil.”  However, our country’s dependence on oil has actually increased by six percent since he took office.  


Our nation has the technology and know-how to address global warming right now, but we need Presidential leadership to take meaningful action to reduce global warming pollution.”


To view the unified environmental community’s platform on energy and global warming, go to:




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