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League of Conservation Voters Statement on the First Democratic Presidential Debate

Contact: Kristin Lee or David Sandretti, (202) 785-8683 or April 27, 2007  

COLUMBIA, SC – League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Communications Director David Sandretti issued the following statement: 


“We are encouraged that so many of the Democratic candidates raised the issue of global warming during the first presidential debate last night.


And while we would have liked to see more of the debate focused on this challenge and our energy future, last night's debate marks the first time that a global warming question was raised at a media sponsored presidential debate.


This week, with the campaign focused on South Carolina, people here expressed their desire for leadership on this issue.  Two-thirds of the South Carolina House of Representatives-an equal number from both parties-sent a letter to the candidates asking for action on climate change.  Also, a poll released by our state league partner, Conservation Voters of South Carolina, demonstrated that like the rest of America, South Carolinians are eager for their elected officials to get moving on solutions to global warming.


As MSNBC prepares to host two Republican debates, we trust that they will continue to press the candidates on how they propose to deal with this urgent challenge.


It is clear that global warming is emerging as a major issue in this campaign.  We look forward to future debates where the specifics of the candidates' plans to address our energy challenges and solutions to climate change become more clear.





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