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League of Conservation Voters Statement on President Bush's Misdirected Global Warming Proposal

Contact: Kristin Lee, (202) 785-8683 or May 31, 2007  

WASHINGTON, DC – League of Conservation Voters (LCV) President Gene Karpinski issued the following statement in response to President Bush’s proposed plan to address global warming: 


“It is ironic that President Bush who so often has had a go-it-alone, shoot-now-ask-questions-later stance with regard to international affairs, now seems unable to act on global warming without having 15 nations participate in something that won't produce a policy goal for another year and a half. 


“This grand statement is merely a misdirection play to divert attention from the fact that  the Bush Administration is rejecting the concrete proposals by our closest  allies on the eve of the G8 summit.”





The nonprofit League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is the independent political voice for the environment. 

To secure the environmental future of our planet, LCV's mission is to advocate for sound environmental policies

 and to elect pro-environmental candidates who will adopt and implement such policies. 

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