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League of Conservation Voters Applauds House Passage of Clean Energy Bill

Contact: Kristin Lee, (202) 785-8683 or August 4, 2007  

WASHINGTON, DC – League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski issued the following statement regarding passage of the House energy bill:
“We applaud the House Leadership and the bipartisan group who voted for real solutions to our energy challenges.  This bill is a win-win-win for the environment, for our economy and for consumers.
In the last election cycle, many new Members of Congress ran on their commitment to moving our country’s energy policy in a new direction.  Today, we especially applaud the new Members who made good on their promises to the American people.
The House-passed energy bill contains key provisions to put this country on the path toward a clean energy economy, including important energy efficiency and clean energy measures.  Most notably, the House voted for a renewable electricity standard amendment sponsored by Reps. Tom Udall (D-NM) and Todd Platts (R-PA) which requires utilities to obtain at least 15 percent of their electricity from clean, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar by 2020.  The Senate version of the bill includes a vital provision to improve fuel economy standards -- it is critical that the final bill includes both.
By supporting increased renewable electricity and energy efficiency standards, the House has demonstrated their commitment to curbing global warming and helping our country transition to a clean energy economy.  We look forward to working with Members of the House and the Senate to ensure that the final bill includes both renewable electricity and fuel economy standards.”

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