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LCV Statement on President Bush's Major Emitters Photo-Op: Is the President Full of Hot Air When It Comes to Addressing Global Warming?

Contact: Kristin Lee, (202) 785-8683 or September 27, 2007  

WASHINGTON, DC –  League of Conservation Voters (LCV) President Gene Karpinski issued this statement in light of President Bush's conference with "Major Emitters" this week to discuss global warming:     

“Unfortunately, the President’s photo op with major polluters is just a bunch of hot air -- and more carbon emissions is the last thing we need when it comes to moving on real solutions to curb global warming.
All eyes are on the President: Will he take real action on clean energy and global warming, or will yet another year go by with more empty promises and emptier measures?
American innovation can address global warming if the President takes prompt action on real solutions, such as implementing a cap on global warming pollution with market-based certainty instead of more of the same vague, empty proposals.  Voluntary measures alone aren’t going to cut it: The world’s best climate scientists tell us we need to reduce global warming pollution by at least 80 percent by 2050. 
We encourage the President to establish real guidelines to solve this monumental challenge so that our children and grandchildren face a cleaner and healthier tomorrow.” 

To learn more about LCV’s campaign to ensure our next president has a plan to address global warming, visit:

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