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LCV Launches "Operation Spotlight"

Contact: Kristin Lee, (202) 785-8683 or October 5, 2007  

WASHINGTON, DC - With Congress poised to take up critical legislation aimed at reducing global warming pollution, the League of Conservation Voters today launched Operation Spotlight, a project to shine a bright light on those members of Congress who have taken more than half a million dollars from polluting energy interests during the last three election cycles and also voted against legislation to curb global warming and get our country on track to a clean energy future.

"Our message to these members of Congress is simple: Regardless of how much money you receive from polluting energy interests, you must stand up for the interests of the American people when it comes to reducing global warming and promoting clean, renewable energy," LCV President Gene Karpinski said.  "Poll after poll shows that the public wants Congress to take action to combat the climate crisis.  We will be paying particularly close attention to how these members of Congress vote in the coming year.  We hope that they move beyond the failed policies of the past and support clean energy solutions for our future."

Operation Spotlight aims to expose the destructive influence that the oil and gas, coal, utility, and transportation industries wield on Capitol Hill. These industries have attempted to influence many lawmakers by pumping huge sums of money into their campaigns - more than $120 million in the 2006 election cycle alone. Unfortunately, these industries have found willing allies in far too many members of Congress who have worked hand-in-hand with them to stymie progress when it comes to energy and global warming. LCV analyzed the voting records of members of Congress on key energy legislation over the past 5 years, including votes on the 2007 Energy Bill, CAFE and Renewable Electricity Standards.
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"Now is the time for action -- We can't afford to wait any longer to decrease global warming pollution and to create a new energy economy," LCV Senior Vice President Tony Massaro said.  "Operation Spotlight is working to expose the undue influence that polluting energy interests have over many elected officials and to ensure that Congress respects the wishes of the American people who overwhelmingly voted to move our country toward a new energy future in the 2006 elections."
All 20 members of Congress included in Operation Spotlight have taken at least $500,000 from the oil and gas, utility, and transportation industries; many of them are in leadership roles for their parties or serve as Chairs or Ranking Members on relevant committees that have significant influence over global warming and energy legislation.
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For Operation Spotlight methodology, click here.
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