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Senator Sununu says 'No' to Clean, Renewable Energy Future

Contact: David Sandretti, (202) 785-8683 or December 7, 2007  

WASHINGTON, DC - The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) issued  the following statement criticizing John Sununu's (R-NH) failure to support  the House-passed energy bill in the Senate.

A majority of the  Senate today voted with a majority of Americans who want to increase fuel  efficiency standards, require utilities to produce more electricity from  renewable sources and with greater energy efficiency. Unfortunately, Senator  John Sununu sided with a minority of the Senate to block this important legislation.

For Sununu, it's  nothing new: as a member of the House of Representatives, he voted against the people of New Hampshire and weakened land use  laws, subsidized environmentally destructive coal-fired plants and relaxed  toxic cleanup laws. As a Senator, Sununu has cast doubt on human causes of  global warming, opposed environmental groups on issues of water pollution in  New Hampshire and supported oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Today, he stood pat with a minority in the Senate that sided  with big oil and big coal to block a measure that is good for jobs, good for  the economy, good for national security, good for consumers and good for the  planet.

He and a handful of other Senators could have brought forward  a bill that would increase fuel efficiency for automobiles to 35 miles per  gallon by 2020, require that 15% of our electricity come from clean, renewable  energy by 2020 and repeal billions of dollars of subsidies for oil companies,  all of which are priorities for the people of New Hampshire.

But this  fight is not over.  There will be more votes on these issues and Senator  Sununu will have ample opportunity to reverse his position, support a  renewable electricity standard and increase fuel efficiency for cars and  trucks.
LCV  President Gene Karpinski said today's result underscores the need to elect  more pro-environment senators who will fight for clean energy.  "We will  continue to fight for this legislation because it represents a significant  first step toward reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, combating global  warming and decreasing air pollution, while simultaneously stimulating  economic growth, creating  thousands of new jobs and saving consumers  money on energy bills," he said.


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