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Set the National Republican Party Straight

Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or May 11, 2009  

At our big LCV EF dinner in DC last Wednesday night, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Governor Charlie Crist of Florida both called for America to embrace a clean energy future that will create millions of American jobs and protect our planet from global warming.  They know that clean energy should not and must not be a partisan issue, but it seems that the national Republican Party is determined to let partisanship stand in the way. 

Call 202.863.8500 and tell the Republican National Committee to support safe, renewable, American energy.

Last month, Republican Minority Leader John Boehner made two big errors. First, he created a new group of Republican Members of Congress to develop the party’s new energy plan. The members of that committee, including the ever-eccentric Michele Bachmann and known oil industry front-man Joe Barton, have accepted contributions of more than $5,350,000 from oil and gas interests.  Will we be surprised when the new Republican energy plan looks a lot like the old Bush/Cheney/Exxon plan? 

If that weren’t enough, Representative Boehner went on television and said: “The idea that carbon dioxide is a carcinogen, that it’s harmful to our environment, is almost comical. Every time we exhale, we exhale carbon dioxide. Every cow in the world, you know, when they do what they do, you’ve got more carbon dioxide.”  We can only hope that Representative Boehner learns what a carcinogen is before he starts debating the health care bill.  For even more ridiculous comments about clean energy and global warming from backward-looking Members of Congress, visit

Help Governor Crist turn the Republican Party around.  Call the Republican National Committee at 202.863.8500. 

Tell them to get their facts straight and to start listening to the real leaders in their party, leaders like Senator Olympia Snow, Senator Susan Collins, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Governor Crist who know that it’s time for the Republican Party to start being part of the clean energy solution.


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