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Contact: Joshua McNeil, (202) 785-8683 or January 13, 2009  

Let me tell you a bit about these new Cabinet members.  Some, we know well.  Others, we know by reputation.  All five of them symbolize the Obama administration’s commitment to develop clean energy, end our addiction to oil, and protect our planet.

Steven Chu has proven himself not only as one of the world’s great energy scientists, but also as a powerful advocate for fighting global warming.  The choice of a Nobel Prize winning scientist to head the Department of Energy foreshadows a new age for energy policy, one in which we decide our country’s energy future based on science instead of politics.

Lisa Jackson and Governor John Corzine have helped push through vital environmental reforms, making New Jersey a been a leader in capping global warming pollution.  Her reputation suggests that Ms. Jackson has the outstanding intellect, courage, and political instincts she will need to undo President Bush’s shameful legacy at EPA.

Warner Chabot, CEO of the California League of Conservation Voters, says of Nancy Sutley:  “Nancy Sutley is one of the most intelligent, ethical, and effective policy leaders in California.  Today’s  environmental issues are incredibly complex and solutions must address economic, scientific, and political factors.  Nancy has a comprehensive understanding of every element of this debate and will be a powerful leader for the Council on Environmental Quality.”

During his run for president, Governor Tom Vilsack called the creation of a new energy policy, ‘the single most important issue facing America today,’ and offered bold proposals to reduce global warming pollution and to increase our domestic production of clean, renewable energy.  At the Department of Agriculture, as the new boss of the National Forest Service, he will be a powerful ally not only to America’s farmers, but to all who would protect our National Forests.

Throughout his career, Senator Salazar has campaigned on a pledge of support for 'our land, our water, our people.' With a perfect 100% score on the 2008 LCV Scorecard, he has lived up to that pledge.  As a westerner, Senator Salazar has hands on experience with land and water issues, and will restore the Department of the Interior's role as the steward of America's public resources.   Tony Massaro, LCV’s Senior Vice President for Political Affairs, worked with Salazar for more than 20 years in Colorado.  According to Tony, Salazar has always been “an effective, thoughtful, and powerful advocate for our public land and water resources.”

There they are - the team that will reverse the damage of the last eight years and make our government an ally to our cause.  

Thank you,

Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

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