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Report on environmental leadership from caucuses of color

Communities across the country care deeply about their health and the environment, whether it be parents of children who suffer from asthma, native communities whose history and culture are deeply bound to places like Bears Ears National Monument and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or every resident of Flint, Michigan, who will forever be affected by lead poisoning. That’s why the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has published a National Environmental Scorecard every Congress since 1970, to hold all members of Congress accountable for their environmental voting record.

By identifying the most important votes that affect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the lands we live and depend on, LCV’s Scorecard meticulously shows which members of Congress are indeed environmental champions and which members simply do the bidding of polluters. At a time when President Trump and his Cabinet unfailingly prioritize polluters’ profits over of our health and safety, we need to know who in Congress will stand up to this administration and fight for the wellbeing of all our communities.

This special analysis, which is based on the key votes included in the 2017 Scorecard, does just that—it highlights the leadership of members of Congress who are active in caucuses representing people of color, including the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC); collectively these caucuses are often known as the TriCaucus.

These are some of the leaders who are standing up for the places that tell our histories, reflect our cultures and define our future. These are some of the leaders we can count on.

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