Martha McSally is on the Dirty Dozen

Senate candidate Martha McSally is so bad for Arizona’s environment and health that LCV Victory Fund put her on the Dirty Dozen — the list that targets some of the most anti-environment candidates. Here are just some of the ways McSally has failed Arizona:

Anti-environment record

McSally has proven herself to be a friend of Big Polluters time and again. She has consistently voted against the Clean Power Plan, against efforts to grow Arizona’s clean energy economy, and against clean air protections — despite Phoenix having some of the worst air pollution in the country. All this earned her a pitiful lifetime score of just 6% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard. And just recently, Arizonans were calling out McSally for failing to address a cross-border sewage leak that impacted residents of Naco.

On top of that, during the most-recent Arizona Senate debate, rather than answering questions about the grave dangers of climate change, McSally pivoted to gutter-level attacks on her opponent. Disgraceful.

Air Pollution

Arizona has some of the worst air pollution in the country. While in Congress, Martha McSally has been a rubber stamp for Donald Trump’s toxic agenda that has attacked clean air protections. McSally’s actions against clean air have endangered Arizona families and disproportionately impacted vulnerable communities.

Doctors and public health experts have warned of the dangers of pollution, including increased asthma among children, and in some cases, more premature deaths. McSally has consistently voted against clean air and clean energy, including voting to block safeguards against air pollution from mercury, arsenic, and chromium, voting to block the EPA from setting limits on methane pollution, and voting to attack Smog Protections and the Clean Air Act. She also voted to slash funding for environmental protections and to undo protections for clean air and clean water.

Public Lands

Mcsally has voted repeatedly against protecting our public lands from being sold off. She also supported a provision that would make it easier for President Trump to end protections for national monuments designated under the Antiquities Act, including Grand Canyon-Parashant, Ironwood Forest, Vermillion Cliffs, and Sonoran Desert National Monuments.

McSally’s full anti-environment voting record can be found here.

This year’s midterms mark a critical time in our country’s history and we must elect senators who have strong, pro-environment values in order to safeguard our clean air, clean energy, clean water, and public health. Martha McSally has proved time and again that she is a threat to our health, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the clean energy economy we need. She’s a best friend to polluters, but Arizonans deserve a senator who is a champion for them.

LCV Action Fund has endorsed Kyrsten Sinema in the race, noting her consistent record of protecting Arizona’s public lands and her strong conservation values.

For more than 20 years, the Dirty Dozen has showcased the country’s worst anti-environment candidates running for office.

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