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En La Lucha for Clean Air

We all want our children to live safe and healthy lives. But unfortunately many factors that compromise their health exist — among the worst is air pollution. Air pollution exists not just outdoors, but in our homes and in the classroom. It affects how children learn and can harm their growing lungs. Take a look at our informational videos about how toxic air pollution impacts children and how you can take action:

We can feel climate change. It is coming for our families, our communities, and our future generations. No one will protect us or save us, except for ourselves. It’s time for our communities to get involved in the fight for climate justice.

Our children, and our future children, deserve to breathe clean air. Will you join us and use your Latinx power to fight back against this injustice?

Not being able to breath clean air because of your zip code is an INJUSTICE. Having asthma because of air pollution is an injustice. Our communities are bearing the brunt of the effect of pollution and climate change. Join us in the fight for environmental justice.

But what can I do?” “But what can you do?” How about: “What can we do?” This only works when we get the whole community involved and there are steps that you can take to show up and fight for the simple right to be able to breathe clean air.