Adriano Espaillat

New York - District 13

EspaillatAdriano Espaillat, the first Dominican elected to the New York Legislature, has a strong record of fighting for environmental justice. He is a committed environmental champion who recognizes the public health impacts of climate change.

Espaillat has served in the state legislature since 1996, and he has introduced legislation on a wide range of environmental issues, including public notification of lead poisoning, protecting air quality at day care centers, monitoring water contamination throughout the state, and protecting people who are exposed to pesticides.

In Congress, Espaillat will be a strong leader for conservation of our natural resources and for environmental justice, standing up for communities affected by pollution and contamination. He will also build on his work to ensure government agencies are meeting high environmental standards, and he will be an advocate for low income communities and communities of color dealing with the disproportionate impacts of climate change.

Espaillat takes the U.S. House seat held by retiring Representative Charles Rangel, who earned a liftetime score of 82 percent on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2015.

In his own words:

“I am committed to making environmental justice a priority for upper Manhattan and the Bronx, by addressing the environmental health disparities caused by the dense concentration of industrial facilities and inadequate public transit in the district responsible for unacceptable rates of asthma and health issues.”

Source: LCV 2015-2016 Congressional Questionnaire

Icons Earned:

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