Donald McEachin

Virginia - District 04

McEachinState Senator Donald McEachin brings to Congress a long track record of environmental leadership in the Virginia Legislature, where he earned a 91 percent lifetime score on the Virginia League of Conservation Voters’ Conservation Scorecard. Virginia LCV named him a Legislative Hero in six of the last seven years.
The state Senate Democratic caucus chair, McEachin co-founded the bipartisan Virginia Environment and Renewable Energy Caucus, which focuses on advancing green policies in the state legislature.  He also sought to enroll Virginia in the Regional Greenhouse GasInitiative (RGGI) and to create a mandatory statewide renewable energy standard (RES).
As a Master of Divinity, McEachin’s stewardship for the Earth is informed by his religious faith, and he is committed to fighting for communities that suffer disproportionately from environmental injustices. He has a strong commitment to acting on climate change and preserving the Chesapeake Bay.

McEachin takes the U.S. House seat of Representative Randy Forbes, who earned a 5 percent lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2015. Forbes lost in the Republican primary for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District following redistricting.

In his own words:

“Protecting our environment is good and important policy and a moral imperative. Our children and grandchildren deserve to inherit a clean, healthy, sustainable Earth. As a state senator, I have worked to address and mitigate climate change while also striving to reduce and eliminate pollution and preserve open space.”

Source: Official LCV Action Fund Donald McEachin endorsement press release (3/30/16)

Icons Earned:

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