Raja Krishnamoorthi

Illinois - District 08

KrishnamoorthiA business leader in the clean energy sector, Raja Krishnamoorthi will bring to Congress his expertise in the science and economics of climate change, helping America continue its leadership in this critical fight.

Krishnamoorthi is the president of Sivananthan Labs and Episolar, Inc., a small business in the Chicago area that develops products in the national security and renewable energy industries. He is also a co-founder of InSPIRE, a non-profit organization that provides training in solar technology to inner-city students and veterans. An attorney and veteran of President Obama’s 2004 campaign for U.S. Senate, he served as special assistant attorney general in the Public Integrity Unit and as deputy state treasurer in Illinois.

Krishnamoorthi will use his experience in the clean energy industry to advance public policies that create jobs and address climate change. He has also pledged to defend our air, water, lands, and wildlife from attacks in Congress.

Krishnamoorthi takes the U.S. House seat previously held by Representative Tammy Duckworth, who earned a lifetime score of 85 percent on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2015 and has been elected to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate.

In his own words:

“As the president of a small business that produces solar technology, I know that investing in clean energy is a moral imperative, a national security necessity, and sound economics.”

Source: Official LCV Action Fund Raja Krishnamoorthi endorsement press release (5/10/16)

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