Ruben Kihuen

Nevada - District 04

KihuenRuben Kihuen has served in the Nevada Legislature since 2007 and has earned a lifetime score of 94 percent on the Nevada Conservation League’s Conservation Scorecard. He is the first Latino elected to represent Nevada in Congress.

Kihuen served two terms in the Nevada Assembly before his election to the Nevada Senate in 2010. He was a strong supporter of legislation to strengthen the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard for clean energy development and put Nevada on a path to phase out coal-fired power plants. He also worked on legislation to increase clean energy loan programs for businesses and expand energy efficiency and storage technologies, and he hosted a bilingual town hall to ensure that all Nevadans are a part of the clean energy discussion.

Kihuen was one of only a few state senators to speak against an extreme proposal to seize all federally managed lands, and he will continue to be a conservation leader in Congress. He is a staunch advocate for responsible management of our public lands and has advocated for the preservation of important places like Tule Springs, Basin and Range, and Gold Butte.

Kihuen won a competitive primary and went on to defeat Representative Cresent Hardy in the general election. Hardy was a member of the 2016 Dirty Dozen and earned a lifetime score of 0 percent on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2015.

In his own words:

“Nevada deserves leaders who will protect our public lands and work to combat climate change. I am ready to go to Congress to fight for what’s best for Nevadans.”

Source: Official LCV Action Fund Ruben Kihuen endorsement press release (3/10/16)

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