Vicente Gonzalez

Texas - District 15

GonzalezIn the court room, Vicente Gonzalez has built a reputation as a fighter for families, and he is bringing those principles to Congress.

Gonzalez ran his law practice in McAllen, Texas and has had a very successful career as a trial lawyer, winning numerous cases against large insurance companies and other corporations. He has taken on legal cases on environmental issues, including seismic testing, water pollution, and asbestos, and he is concerned about the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing.

In Congress, one of Gonzalez’s priorities is to promote the preservation of the Texas coast and protect against pollution and overfishing. He would also like to strengthen the Clean Air Act.

Gonzalez takes the U.S. House seat held by retiring Representative Ruben Hinojosa, who earned a lifetime score of 65 percent on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2015.

In his own words:

“I do believe climate change is a real threat. I believe that we need to develop policy that promotes job creation with responsible development but protects communities impacted from flaring, stripping, water contamination, water shortage, hazardous waste, unsafe living conditions, and other infrastructure deficiencies.”

Source: LCV 2015-2016 Congressional Questionnaire

Icons Earned:

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