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Sometimes, the most important realities are also the ones that are the most difficult to discuss. Climate change. Racial inequities. A broken democracy. But personal stories from supporters like you—experiences that grapple with and illuminate these pressing issues, that show what these problems look and feel like—ground these overwhelming and lofty ideas, while helping others feel the urgency of these realities. In short, personal stories can help make people care. And if they care, then they’ll act.

The goal of LCV’s storytelling project is to collect and share stories from the broader LCV community. By integrating your stories into our work, we will be able to reach new communities, incorporate new ideas into our existing projects, share authentic voices, and build a stronger and more just environment movement for all.

To share your story or learn more, please reach out to Alex Hess at alex_hess@lcv.org.

At LCV, we know that across the country supporters like you are deeply connected to the environment and are fighting to protect our planet for future generations. Whether you’ve spent time exploring the great outdoors, on the campaign trail, or advocating in the streets—or all of the above!—we want to hear how you are advancing a more just future for people and the planet. What are the environmental priorities in your community?

We continue to be inspired by you, and we want your stories to inspire other activists throughout the Conservation Voter Movement. Take a look at our first member story below, and check back to learn about the full range of experiences as we share more!


by Caroline Gabel, CEO of The Shared Earth Foundation

Nat Simons and Laura Baxter-Simons celebrated as Climate Leaders at 2019 Capital Dinner