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                                                              Top 5 – July 2022

                                                              Breaking news: Surprise Senate deal sets stage for record climate and environmental justice investments.  Late last night, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Joe Manc... Read More

                                                              May Top 5 2022

                                                              This month, thanks to your support, LCV continued to work to protect the lives and health of people impacted by the climate crisis and toxic pollution, and to compel our electe... Read More

                                                              April Top 5 2022

                                                              April was a busy month for protecting our Earth. All month, LCV, with your support, held leaders accountable and won policies that will build a healthier, more just, and more s... Read More

                                                              March Top 5 2022

                                                              March has been a dangerous and tumultuous month, as Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is causing horrific losses and destruction for people in Ukraine and has unfurled a ... Read More

                                                              February Top 5 2022

                                                              As an organization that builds political power for people and the planet, LCV and the work we do today is both deeply indebted to and entwined with the environmental justice mo... Read More

                                                              January Top 5 2022

                                                              At the beginning of this month and New Year, the one-year anniversary of the violent January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol brought into sharp focus the urgent need to safeguard ... Read More

                                                              November Top 5 2021

                                                              This Holiday season, we slow down to reflect on all that we are grateful for and come together to give thanks. As we spend time with those we are thankful for, LCV ... Read More

                                                              September Top 5 2021

                                                              Across the globe, political violence and climate change-fueled extreme weather are leaving people no choice but to abandon the places that they call home. The inhumane treatmen... Read More