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                                                            November Top 5 2021

                                                            This Holiday season, we slow down to reflect on all that we are grateful for and come together to give thanks. As we spend time with those we are thankful for, LCV ... Read More

                                                            September Top 5 2021

                                                            Across the globe, political violence and climate change-fueled extreme weather are leaving people no choice but to abandon the places that they call home. The inhumane treatmen... Read More

                                                            August Top 5

                                                            Last week, the House of Representatives voted for the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Budget Resolution, with extensive climate and clean energy investments, and set up a timel... Read More

                                                            July Top 5 2021

                                                            Summertime in the U.S. conjures images of cookouts with family and friends, parades that celebrate our diverse heritages and traditions, and trips to community pools, local bea... Read More

                                                            Top 5 May 2021

                                                            As we head into summer in the U.S., the impacts of a hotter Earth are expected to be felt more acutely. We will be subject to more intense heat waves, stronger hurricanes, lo... Read More

                                                            Top 5 April 2021

                                                            Last year, our movement was all in to elect pro-climate action officials to every level of government, most of all to the White House. Today, April 30th, marks 100 days of th... Read More

                                                            March 2021 Top 5

                                                            Women are resilient changemakers who shape the face of policy and progress. Even during a pandemic, the past year has been a historic year of firsts for women in the United S... Read More

                                                            Top 5 February 2021

                                                            This Black History Month, LCV and the entire environmental movement are celebrating Black leaders who are at the forefront of advancing environmental and climate justice. The... Read More