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                                                      Shattering Perception

                                                      I have lived in the same house my entire life. Two blocks up from Broders’ pasta bar, the yellow house with the baby blue door and the red roof. Queen Avenue is the site of my ... Read More

                                                      Why Can’t I Remember?

                                                      When was your first encounter with white supremacy?   I listened as other people of color shared their stories, but I found myself unable to say a word. As I sat there qu... Read More

                                                      Trump’s Final NEPA Rule Will Perpetuate Environmental Racism

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                                                      LCV Statement on Trump EPA’s Decision Not to Strengthen Ozone Standard

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                                                      LCV Statement on Markup of House Interior, EPA Appropriations Bills

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                                                      LCV Statements on House Passage of ‘The Moving Forward Act’ (H.R. 2)

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                                                      LCV Statement on the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis’ Action Plan

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                                                      LCV Statement on the Introduction of the GREEN Act

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