Candidate Academy

In 2020, LCV launched its first-ever Candidate Academy for CVM leaders. There is a lot of candidate training available, but none that is focused on training pro-environment candidates with a focus on racial justice and equity.

Because the Candidate Academy is part of our strategy to advance our racial justice and equity work, it was important to work with re:power as our training partner. re:power’s framework is focused on inclusive politics, and seeks to increase representation of underrepresented groups in elected office and the progressive movement. This partnership has allowed us to create a training that is welcoming and inclusive for a diverse group of leaders, and also to talk specifically about the issues that women candidates and candidates of color frequently experience on the campaign trail, and how to prepare for them. 

Testimonials from Candidate Academy participants

In addition to all the typical content of a candidate training, our nonpartisan academy focuses on relationship-building and listening as critical skills for candidates to develop, and builds their skills to think about environmental issues in an intersectional way and to think critically about what it means to be an ally to marginalized groups, in a non-transactional way. 

We plan to continue LCV’s Candidate Academy at least once per year, and to work with state affiliates and allied organizations to identify other opportunities for candidate training as needed. Please let us know if you are holding a candidate training and would like to include content or a trainer or speaker from LCV. 

Are you a pro-environment candidate with an interest in running for office? Tell us about yourself here. We’ll try to connect you with candidate training in your area or with our next Candidate Academy in your area.

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