Conserving Our Wildlife

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President Obama’s administration has recovered more wildlife under the Endangered Species Act than any previous administration combined.

By successfully recovering at-risk wildlife like the Louisiana Black Bear and the New England Cottontail, this administration has set a path to recovery for a number of plants and animals. By taking a proactive approach, President Obama has worked to ensure that conservation efforts are working to minimize the number of plants and animals that are potentially endangered in the first place.

Key highlights:

  • Under President Obama, there have been 99 wins for wildlife, including 45 species recoveries and prevented listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and 11 species downlisted from “endangered” to “threatened.”
  • Another 21 species have been proposed or recommended for removal from ESA listing because of recovery, and 22 other species have been proposed or recommended to be downlisted.
  • With the President’s leadership, more and new innovative collaborations between federal agencies, state and local governments, private landowners, non-profit organizations and others are helping to sustain habitats and wildlife.