Our Lands, Our Vote

Protecting our national monuments

Our national parks and monuments are under unprecedented attacks from the Trump administration.  First, the administration proposed drastic budget cuts for the Department of the Interior, which manages many of our parks, public lands, and resources. And now, they are “reviewing” all national monuments designated under the Antiquities Act since 1996, paving the way to eliminate designations and protections for these incredible outdoor landscapes and cultural and historical sites.

LCV is committed to protecting our public lands and waters and recently launched the “Our Lands, Our Vote” initiative. Our national monuments and public lands drive the economy in many communities across the country, and they preserve special places and important histories for future generations.   America’s parks and heritage should be protected and celebrated, not sold off to corporate special interests.

This summer, LCV will visit many of the threatened national monuments and public lands to help demonstrate their tremendous public support and to share the stories of the local communities who have worked to protect these special places.  Find out more about our trips to national monuments below.

California San Gabriels

Colorado Brown's Canyon

Montana Missouri River Breaks

We know that an attack on one monument is an attack on all monuments. Tell President Trump and Secretary Zinke to protect our national parks and monuments.