LCV Departments


Changing the Political Landscape From the Ground Up
The Campaigns department transforms the political landscape through issue advocacy and electoral programs at the local, state and federal level. We run issue advocacy organizing programs, like Climate Action, to build local power for pro-climate and clean energy policies while holding elected officials accountable, and we conduct multifaceted, leading-edge electoral campaigns in support of pro-environment candidates; engage in candidate recruitment and training to prepare environmental champions for public office; and, use data and analytics for intentional voter outreach and to evaluate best practices.

Campaigns Job Openings: Deputy National Field DirectorPennsylvania Field Director


Driving the Conversation
The Communications department shapes the way that LCV’s story — who we are, what we do, what we think — is told to the world. In doing so, we work closely with a wide variety of media outlets, driving and informing the news media conversation of politics and the environment. We also create and guide written and multimedia content to ensure that LCV shares a consistent story about why our Earth is worth fighting for.

Communications Job Openings: None

Community & Civic Engagement

Building Power Through Grassroots Organizing & Voter Participation
The Community & Civic Engagement department builds upon the power of communities of color across the country to achieve climate justice while insisting on accountability from polluters and decision makers. Our multi-state Chispa program relies on grassroots community organizing efforts to amplify the voices of communities of color to influence the environmental policies and decisions that affect their lives. Additionally, our Democracy for All program invigorates the environmental movement by increasing voter participation and leveling the playing field such that communities of color and young people can fully participate in and be represented by our nation’s democracy.

Community & Civic Engagement Job Openings: Chispa TX Community Organizer; Chispa TX Digital Organizer; Community & Civic Engagement Associate


Our Earth is Worth Fundraising For
Donors are critical to our movement. The Development department engages major donors and foundations and cultivates these relationships to build support for our work to win environmental progress. We connect donors’ interests to our mission through marketing, events, research, grant writing and face-to-face communication, and by training state affiliates to do the same.

Development Job Openings: Database Manager; Online Engagement CoordinatorSenior Vice President of Development

Executive Office

Leading for Change
The Executive Office leads the organization’s strategic planning, Board engagement, fundraising and organizational culture initiatives and infrastructure. The Executive Office ensures cross-departmental planning for the successful execution of the annual plans and the strategic plan, leads on our commitment to racial justice and equity throughout the organization, aligns priorities of the executive team, and manages internal communications for the LCV family of organizations — LCV, LCV Action Fund, LCV Victory Fund, LCV Education Fund, as well as with our state LCV partners. We aim to build a highly inclusive culture where employees thrive and organizational objectives are met.

Executive Office Job Openings: None


The Numbers Matter
The Finance department ensures accurate recording and reporting of all financial activities. We manage the organization’s accounting processes including financial managements, budgeting, accounts payable, managing receivables, audit functions, tax and compliance preparation, and any other accounting or finance duties.

Finance Job Openings: None

Government Affairs

Fighting for Policy Change
The Government Affairs department advocates for sound environmental laws and policies, working with members of Congress and their staff to influence and pass strong environmental policy. We hold elected officials accountable for their votes and actions, publishing our annual National Environmental Scorecard since 1970. To fight climate change and protect our communities, we advocate, at every level of government, for policies that support clean air, clean energy, clean water, protect public lands and against toxic chemicals, and ensure environmental justice. We also work directly with candidates running for elected office, managing LCV Action Fund endorsements, member-mobilization work and candidate fundraising.

Government Affairs Job Openings: Congressional Champions Project Associate

Human Resources & Administration

Our Earth is Worth Working For
Employees are the foundation of LCV’s success. The Human Resources & Administration department supports our staff at all levels, including recruitment and hiring, benefits administration, and operations and technology infrastructure. We provide the support needed so that our staff can implement successful programs that further our mission to combat climate change. Our work to create a staff team that reflects the country we serve is grounded in our values and our understanding that authentic representation and inclusion is necessary to achieve our mission.

Human Resources & Administration Job Openings: Recruitment Coordinator

Operationalize Ideas
The Legal & Strategic Initiatives department provides legal counsel and oversight for all of our work, which includes reviewing the organization’s communications, structure, personnel and contractual arrangements as well as tracking laws and regulations that affect our mission and operations. We ensure compliance and reporting of our program work. In addition to providing legal oversight, we also promote strategic initiatives, including our organizational commitment to racial justice and equity.

Legal & Strategic Initiatives Job Openings: Law Clerk – Fall 2022

State Capacity Building

Building the Conservation Voter Movement
The State Capacity Building department collaborates with our state affiliates to achieve operational, programmatic, financial and organizational growth. We provide learning and networking opportunities, as well as consulting and training, to help strengthen the organizational capacity and sustainability of our state partners. Our vision is to build a stronger Conservation Voter Movement across the country that achieves climate justice through coordinated federal and state policy and electoral wins.

State Capacity Building Job Openings: State Democracy Policy Director