A group of people and representatives holding signs reading "Climate Action Now" in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Join the Environmental Majority Council

Become a leader in the fight to advance climate action, strengthen our democracy, and address environmental injustice. Environmental Majority Council members receive special recognition, access, and information about our work to build power for people and the planet.

To ensure a healthy, safe, and more just future for all communities, LCV needs supporters to power our efforts.

LCV created the Environmental Majority Council to honor and recognize the investment of supporters whose single gift of $1,000 or more per year helps ensure our programs’ success.

As an Environmental Majority Council member, you are among a core circle of advocacy-minded donors who LCV relies on to power our campaigns and programs. Members have access to exclusive events with environmental and political leaders, detailed information on our work and strategies, and special opportunities to understand the impact of your support. Environmental Majority Council members are recognized in LCV publications and event materials.

To learn more, please contact Sara Greene at SGreene@lcv.org.

“If I could share some advice, it would be don’t settle for awareness – awareness is not enough. Awareness alone won’t achieve lasting change like the Clean Water Act. You must be strategic and advocate. That’s LCV. LCV is in the fight. LCV holds elected officials accountable for their votes. I advocate giving to individual candidates, but at LCV your money goes to a lot of places that you might not have thought of yourself. LCV knows which candidates are on our side.”

Caroline Gabel

CEO, The Shared Earth Foundation