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Advancing Policy

The threats to our nation's environment and democracy require action from all levels of government.
Staff holding signs that read "Protect People Not Polluters" and "Protect The Clean Air Act" while standing outside the Supreme Court building

We advocate for equitable policies that protect our environment and democracy.

LCV advances policy solutions that ensure clean air, clean water, and access to our democracy are not a privilege but a right afforded to every community. This means we fight for people and the planet at all levels of government. We influence federal policy in Washington, DC, and by partnering with our state affiliates we drive state and local action too.

The climate crisis and threats to our democracy require large-scale solutions that span all levels of government.

LCV and our state affiliates advocate for federal, state, and local policies that protect people, our democracy, and our planet.
In 2022, LCV helped pass historic federal climate legislation, which will reduce carbon pollution, create good clean energy jobs, and reduce energy costs.
We need to equitably implement the historic climate law, pass federal legislation to protect our democracy, and continue progress at the state and local level.

What We’re Fighting For

People walking through flooded streets in Puerto Rico.

Climate Justice

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation, and it causes the most harm to communities that have been historically exploited by corporate polluters and harmful policies: low-income communities, indigenous communities and communities of color. There’s no time to wait – we must build a future that works well for all of us.

Painter on a ladder works on a mural that depicts protestors with signs reading "Democracy for All"


The health of our planet and the health of our democracy are inextricably linked. Those most impacted by the climate crisis are also facing the greatest barriers to voting. Achieving meaningful progress on climate change will be more difficult without an equitable democracy that works for everyone.

LCV's SVP of Government Affairs, Tiernan Sittenfeld, speaks at a podium in front of the Supreme Court building with people holding signs saying "Protect Our Waters"

Healthy Communities

Our Healthy Communities program works at the intersection of human health, the environment and justice by focusing on eliminating the pollution – in air, water, soil and food – that jeopardizes the health of all our families and communities.

Group of people hiking in Castner Range.

Public Lands and Waters

LCV works to protect our country’s public lands and waters. We uplift local movements and drive federal action to increase opportunities for all people to experience and feel welcome in our public lands, while turning our public lands into climate change solutions.

Latest on the Affordable Clean Energy Plan

Capitol building in a cloudy skyline, tinted red

Hall of Republican Clean Energy Hypocrisy

Not a single Republican in Congress voted to support the Inflation Reduction Act, a key pillar of the Biden administration's affordable clean energy plan. And yet, many are happy to cheer the IRA-funded projects that are benefitting the communities they represent. Read more and select a Representative to read about their newfound support for clean energy, in their own words.

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Capitol building in a cloudy skyline, tinted red
A young girl holds a sign that reads, "We borrow the Earth from our children" at a rally.

Benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act, Immediate and Long-Term

One year in, the Inflation Reduction Act, part of President Biden’s Affordable Clean Energy Plan, is bringing affordable clean energy and jobs to communities across the country. Here's how the historic legislation is impacting our communities in the short term, and in the long run by giving us a chance to avoid surpassing climate tipping points.

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A young girl holds a sign that reads, "We borrow the Earth from our children" at a rally.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks at a podium during a Climate Action Now press event in front of the Capitol building in DC
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

“LCV is a force throughout the country for enlightened principles and policies. Because of their work, America is closer to achieving clean water, clean air, and a safe climate for all communities.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer