Healthy Communities

Our Healthy Communities program works at the intersection of human health, the environment and justice by focusing on eliminating the pollution – in air, water, soil and food – that jeopardizes the health of all our families and communities.

LCV's SVP of Government Affairs, Tiernan Sittenfeld, speaks at a podium in front of the Supreme Court building with people holding signs saying "Protect Our Waters"

Communities of color and low-wealth communities habitually face environmental injustices, bearing the greatest burdens of toxic pollution.

As a member of the Equitable & Just National Climate Forum, LCV partners with the environmental justice community to fight for equitable policy solutions.
LCV helped ensure that the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act prioritized funding water infrastructure in low-income communities and communities of color.
We're now urging members of Congress to cosponsor the EJ for All Act, which will strengthen rights that protect communities against environmental racism.

Clean Water

We work to ensure that everyone, no matter their race, wealth, or zip code, has access to clean, safe, affordable water. To do so, we:

  • Urge the Biden administration to use all their authority to protect the waterways that our families and communities depend on and protect our drinking water from contaminants like lead, PFAS, mercury, and other heavy metals. 
  • Encourage clean water champions in Congress to safeguard our water by supporting and strengthening the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and other federal laws and regulations.  
  • Advocate with our environmental justice partners for water infrastructure investments that will ensure equal access to clean water for low-wealth communities and communities of color who have been unfairly excluded from federal and state investments

Chemicals and Toxics

We fight to reduce harmful chemical exposure. To do so we:

  • Encourage federal policymakers to ban and clean up dangerous PFAS, known as “forever chemicals” because they do not break down in the environment or human body, which can lead to health problems like certain cancers, weakened immune response, developmental impacts, hormonal issues, and decreased fertility. 
  • Work with our allies in the labor and environmental justice movements to secure protections for workers and frontline communities that face the brunt of the pollution from fossil fuel and chemical production.

Environmental Justice

Due to systemic racism and unjust policies, low-wealth communities, Indigenous communities, and communities of color often experience the highest pollution burdens and are disproportionately impacted by environmental health issues.

These communities are often forced to live with lead poisoning from paint and drinking water, failing water infrastructure, unaffordable water rates, and proximity to highly polluted Superfund sites, toxic landfills and dangerous industrial facilities.

As a member of the Equitable & Just National Climate Forum, LCV is working with our partners in the environmental justice community to:  

  • Address the legacy of industrial pollution that contaminates our air and water, and ensure that every community can live in a healthy, safe environment.
  • Ensure that federal investments in infrastructure and environmental health prioritize and reach the communities most impacted.
  • Prioritize community input in the legislative and federal planning process to ensure that projects reflect the preferences of the surrounding community.

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