Hall of Republican Clean Energy Hypocrisy

Not a single Republican in Congress voted to support the Inflation Reduction Act, a key pillar of the Biden administration's affordable clean energy plan. And yet, many are happy to cheer the IRA-funded projects that are benefitting the communities they represent. Read more below and select a Representative to read about their newfound support for clean energy, in their own words.

Capitol building in a cloudy skyline, tinted red

Voting Against the IRA, but Celebrating its Benefits

Last year, every single Republican in Congress voted against the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the historic clean energy investments it promised. The bill was designed to dramatically cut the country’s carbon pollution, lower energy costs for families, and invest in communities on the frontlines of environmental injustice, all reasons it is overwhelmingly popular with the American public. The bill has already helped invest over $278 billion in communities across the country and create over 170,000 new jobs (many of which are located in Republican districts).

Despite their relentless work to block the most significant climate action in American history, some Congressional Republicans became cheerleaders for these investments once they arrived in their districts. Many have now publicly expressed support for projects bolstered by IRA grants and tax credits that are bringing funding and jobs to their home districts.

Above you’ll find a full list of these newfound Republican IRA supporters who, despite voting against the Inflation Reduction Act, have publicly supported IRA funded projects in their districts. And yet, even as they cheer on investments from the IRA at home, these legislators have tried over and over again to repeal the legislation and stymie the Biden Administration every chance they get, up to and including threatening to shut down our government if key provisions of a bill that is helping their constituents aren’t cut.