Representative Buddy Carter

IRA Project: Hyundai EV Plant built in Bryan County, GA.

Supporting quote: “I am thrilled that Hyundai chose Georgia as the home for its latest factory. Not only will this investment bring thousands of jobs to the First District, but it will also boost America’s manufacturing economy, spurring innovation and global economic competitiveness within the region. With this investment, Georgia will be a leader in the electric vehicle industry. The future of transportation is right here in Bryan County.” (Office of Buddy Carter)

Despite voting against the IRA’s passage, Representative Buddy Carter (GA-1) had a lot of nice things to say about the new Hyundai EV factory it brought to his district. Sometimes, all it takes is “thousands of jobs,” newfound “global economic competitiveness,” and creating “the future of transportation” to help our legislators see through the partisan political haze.