Representative Mark Green

IRA project: Daejin Advanced Materials EV battery part plant in Cumberland City, TN.

Supporting quote: “Honored to join @TNECD in welcoming Daejin Advanced Materials to Cumberland City! Daejin specializes in the manufacturing of polymers for the electric vehicle battery industry. This $10 million expansion will create 83 new jobs in #TN07. Welcome, Daejin!” (Twitter)

Representative Mark Green (TN-7) called the IRA “boneheaded” and “out of touch.” Yet, he seemed to have no problem welcoming a $10 million investment and 83 new jobs from Daejin Advanced Materials, a company specializing in manufacturing polymers for EV batteries, to Cumberland City, TN. Green said he is “honored” to welcome the company to Tennessee’s Seventh District, and we are honored to see this staunch Republican embracing the benefits of the IRA.