Representative Nancy Mace

IRA project 1: Expansion of Volvo EV production in Ridgeville, SC.

Supporting quote: “Yesterday my team and I toured the @VolvoCarUSA manufacturing facility in Ridgeville, SC. This specific plant plans on moving the entire Volvo fleet to fully electric by 2030!” (Twitter)

IRA project 2: Electric regional transit hub in North Charleston, SC.

Supporting quote: “Congratulations @RideCARTA on securing a $25,906,730 grant for the Lowcountry to ensure improvements and a more efficient transit system.” (Twitter)

South Carolina’s first district is home to two new IRA projects, thousands of new clean energy jobs – and Representative Nancy Mace (SC-1), who voted against the legislation’s passage. Mace, who has called the bill “absurd,”  suddenly had a change of heart when she realized money from the so-called “fiasco” of a bill would be flowing into her district. Specifically, Mace appears to be pretty excited about a Volvo plant transitioning to a fully electric fleet and the nearly $26 million IRA grant for an electric transportation hub in North Charleston.